Paypal Changes


The Hobby Greenhouse Association is running smoothly with our present membership rates however a recent increase in PayPal fees was announced. This means they charge more for their credit card services with less money coming to us.


The HGA membership rates are not changing but if a person decides to use PayPal for renewing or beginning a membership there will be a $1.00 convenience fee added on for a digital membership and a $2.00 fee for the paper membership.  Anyone paying by check/money order will pay the current rate, as PayPal is not involved and HGA receives the full membership amount.


This takes effect January 1, 2022.


The background for this is about PayPal being a trusted company that charges a percentage for the convenience of members to use any credit card company to pay for something. It is a business-necessity to have PayPal available, however HGA has been absorbing these fees for many years within the membership rates. Our only expenses are printing, mailing costs and small internet fees that all keep increasing. The Board, directors, writers, and staff are all volunteers.  With that said, to keep HGA membership rates at the present level we felt it necessary to implement this change. We hope this explains our reasons for this action.

August 26, 2021