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The Hobby Greenhouse Association (HGA) has been in existence for 40 years serving the indoor gardener with fascinating plant articles, growing advice, product reviews, greenhouse advice, and book reviews.


The organization is truly non-profit and Board members, writers, contributors, are dedicated volunteers.


Full digital only membership includes 4 -36 page seasonal magazines emailed to your residence and 4 emailed mid-season newsletters.  The digital copy of each magazine is emailed to each member for their tablet, or saving as a resource on their laptop. You also gain access to the members only area of our website including archives of all periodicals and the Cyberspace Connections.


Full print/digital membership includes the above and a print copy of the magazine is sent to you by USPS. 


Dues for full digital only membership but receiving only the digital version of the magazine are 

Paid by check:
  • $15 (1 year worldwide) 
  • $28 (2 years worldwide)
Paid with Paypal * (see below)
  • $16 (1 year worldwide) paid by Paypal 
  • $30 (2 years worldwide). paid by Paypal

Dues to receive both the paper (print) and digital versions of the magazine are as follows:


 Paid by check:

  • $35.00 (1year USA) 
  • $68.00 (2 year USA)
  • $40.00 (1year) Canada/Mexico
  • $75.00 (1 year) International 

Paid with Paypal * (see below)

  • $37.00 (1 year USA) 
  • $70.00 (2 year USA) 
  • $42.00 (1 year) Canada/ Mexico 
  • $77.00 (1 year) International 

* Please click here to read about changes to Paypal subscriptions and renewals starting in 2022!


If you prefer to mail in your application, please download the application below, print it out, fill it in, and mail to us, along with your check or money order.


Mail In Application for new memberships
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  To Apply Online

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