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Before You Buy - Advice on getting a greenhouse!

Are you looking to build or buy a greenhouse? Need some help? This document, prepared by experienced greenhouse owners, will guide you through obtaining your greenhouse!.

Click here to download our guide buying a greenhouse. 


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The national Hobby Greenhouse Association is for people who enjoy growing ornamental and/or edible plants in home greenhouses and other indoor spaces which provide the environmental conditions for year-round plant growth.


The Hobby Greenhouse Association provides opportunities for people who own greenhouses and grow plants indoors to share their knowledge and skills with others. You can never know enough and none of us ever knows everything. But together we can learn.


Some knowledge and skills are required to get the most rewarding results, so we have a quarterly magazine, on-line forums and circulating letter packets on special topics.

Paul Hozwarth's Greenhouse 
A picture of Paul Hozwarth in his greenhouse
Hobby Greenhouse Association Square logo
Informative video of greenhouse construction