1-Can I join the HGA if I don't have a greenhouse?


Yes, you may join HGA if you don't have a greenhouse. Many of our members don't have a greenhouse but enjoy indoor gardening in a variety of ways. HGA members sometimes finally build or purchase a greenhouse after they join.


2-I want to not only grow vegetables but also flowers. Are there members who will help me since I am new to indoor gargening?


HGA's more experienced members are encouraged to assist newer members regarding the various issues the newcomer may be facing.


3-What is the first thing I need to do before I buy a greenhouse?


Planning is the most essential thing you must do before buying a greenhouse. There are many, many factors that go into buying, building, and operating a hobby greenhouse. HGA has compiled an excellent summary entitled "Before You Buy - Planning For Your Hobby Greenhouse". It is free and can be downloaded by clicking here.


4-Can I assemble the greenhouse myself?


A team effort is best when assembling the greenhouse kit. Using simple household tools, smaller greenhouses can usually be assembled within a weekend. We recommend that you pay close attention to the manufacturers and suppliers instructions since different kits may require more or less team members and more specialized tools.


5-What are the annual dues for an HGA membership?


HGA's annual dues for membership are as follows. 

Dues for full membership but receiving only the digital version of the magazine are $14 for 1 year worldwide, and $25 for 2 years worldwide. Dues amounts to receive both the paper (print) and digital versions of the magazine are as follows: USA = $28.00 (1year); USA (2year) $54.00; Canadian/Mexico = $38.00 (1 year); Canadian/Mexico = $68 (2 year); International = $58 (1 year); International = $110 (2year). One year Contributing Membership = $60 and Sustaining Membership = $100 and both will receive the paper and digital magazine.

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