1-Can I join the HGA if I don't have a greenhouse?


Yes, you may join HGA if you don't have a greenhouse. Many of our members don't have a greenhouse but enjoy indoor gardening in a variety of ways. HGA members sometimes finally build or purchase a greenhouse after they join.


2-I want to not only grow vegetables but also flowers. Are there members who will help me since I am new to indoor gargening?


HGA's more experienced members are encouraged to assist newer members regarding the various issues the newcomer may be facing.


3-What is the first thing I need to do before I buy a greenhouse?


Planning is the most essential thing you must do before buying a greenhouse. There are many, many factors that go into buying, building, and operating a hobby greenhouse. HGA has compiled an excellent summary entitled "Before You Buy - Planning For Your Hobby Greenhouse". It is free and can be downloaded by clicking here.


4-Can I assemble the greenhouse myself?


A team effort is best when assembling the greenhouse kit. Using simple household tools, smaller greenhouses can usually be assembled within a weekend. We recommend that you pay close attention to the manufacturers and suppliers instructions since different kits may require more or less team members and more specialized tools.


5-What are the annual dues for an HGA membership?


HGA's annual dues for membership are as follows:

Dues for full membership but receiving only the digital version of the magazine are $14 for 1 year worldwide, and $25 for 2 years worldwide.

Dues amounts to receive both the paper (print) and digital versions of the magazine are as follows: USA = $28.00 (1year); USA (2year) $54.00; Canadian/Mexico = $38.00 (1 year); Canadian/Mexico = $68 (2 year); International = $58 (1 year); International = $110 (2year).

One year Contributing Membership = $60 and

Sustaining Membership = $100 and both will receive the paper and digital magazine.

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