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Flower pot full of flowers

Growing Spring Bulbs for

Winter Bloom Indoors


By Wally Wolfgang, Pennsylvania 

Starting your own spring bulbs indoors can be easy and enjoyable. Beautiful looking pots of bulbs also come with bragging rights. 

Doc and Katy Abraham picture

The Green Thumb <


By Doc and Katy Abraham 

Upstate New York 

Doc and Katy Abraham provided articles for the HGA for many years. This article was reprinted from the Winter 1992 HGA magazine. 

Information on Geraniums, Dark Opal Basil, Whiteflies, and Cottonseed Meal, and more!

Good information that is timeless

Succulents and Rainwater: What’s the Best 

Water for Succulents 

By Becca Badgett, North Carolina 



Just when you think you have the easy-care succulent plants [1] figured out, you hear that your tap water is bad for the plants. Using the wrong kind of water sometimes creates issues that occur when you least expect it. Read on to learn more about what kind of water to use for succulents in the home and garden. 



by Ray Barkalow, 

First Rays, LLC 

Most plant pests are shy creatures who prefer to lurk in dim crannies where they can’t be easily detected. Not aphids. These bold, gregarious insects work right out in the open. On infested plants you can find entire colonies of them cavorting on new growth, at the base of buds, and on the undersides of leaves 

Before You Buy or Build 

Planning for Your Hobby Greenhouse 

Hobby Greenhouse Association Article 

Updated by Richard Schreiber, Iowa 

and Tom Karasek, Washington 

In this article two of our HGA leaders present updates information that you need to consider before you  buy or build a greenhouse.

A great article to have and to share with anyone you know who might be considering a greenhouse (and joining HGA of course!)

Threefold Farm


Tim and Katherine Clymer, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Tim and Katherine share the story about their Climate Battery Greenhouse. An exciting story about their quest to fulfill their vision of growing. As they say: 

"Threefold Farm is named for our Threefold Purpose: Grow Deeply, Serve Joyfully and Teach Humanity."

Once you have read this fascinating story you can take a virtual visit of Three Fold Farm.

Shedding Some Light on Light 

By Tom Eckert, Pennsylvania 

At times, as your editor, I get questions relating to which light fixture or lamp is best for starting seeds in the home or greenhouse. In this article I will look at fluorescent lighting and how to best use it. 

Greenhouse Growing Tips From Charley’s Greenhouse and Garden Monthly Hints 

Be sure to check out these timely tips from one of our suppliers.

Five Common Mistakes Made by New Hobby Greenhouse Owners 

Jim Guinn, Stroudsburg, PA 

Many new hobby greenhouse owners mistakenly think that now that they have a greenhouse, they will have great plants, but that couldn't be further from the truth. These greenhouse owners are prone to making mistakes that work against their goal of a greenhouse full of healthy, thriving plants. A green-house is much more than having a bright and warm outside room in which to raise plants; it is a balance of many factors, an art and a science fraught with pitfalls for the new, unsuspecting greenhouse own-er. Here are the five most common mistakes made by new hobby greenhouse owners. 

Holiday Cacti 

By A.M. Armitage and W.H. Carlson

This article was originally published by the Dept. Of Horticulture, Michigan State University. 

There is a great deal of confusion concerning the true identify of holiday cacti. Some growers sell two or three different species of plants and call them Christmas cacti. This anomaly has arisen because all of the holiday cacti offered today have some requirement for short days and naturally flower around Christmas time. There are three common holiday cacti . Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter cacti.




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