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It's Time To Talk Poinsettia Care

By Wally Wolfgang, PA

Christmas is just around the corner and with the holiday season it’s also time for the favorite plant, the formidable poinsettia. Almost every box store and home supply store not to mention various nurseries and greenhouses will have a nice variety of poinsettia on display.

Winter's Windowsill Wonders

By Kae Bokelman


When winter’s cold sets in, fill your windows with low-light, low-maintenance, drought-hardy haworthias. These fascinating plants can brighten a gloomy day as well as aiding in cleaning the air.

Build A Greenhouse Using Vintage Windows

By Tara Mihalech

I have dreamed of having a greenhouse for the past few years. Starting seedlings indoors and nursing them on windowsills and under grow lights sparked my love for planting, but I was quickly running out of room. I looked at plans, kits and the greenhouses that hide in my neighbors' backyards. My parents had built a fairly large-13'x16-greenhouse using single-paned windows and I was inspired to build my own.

By Doc and Katy Abraham

Amaryllis Care: If your amaryllis bulb grows outdoors all summer, don’t follow the old, oftrepated advice of drying it off for 60 days in the fall. We used to recommend drying the bulb for two months in the fall, but we don’t anymore. The secret for reblooming is to keep the plant growing, instead if drying it off. Also, give it a liquid feeding each

month with your favorite fertilizer mix. We’ve had people tell us their bulbs have developed disease problems, and we’d like to mention a few:




By Tom Eckert


The state of the art Garden Spot Aeroponic Greenhouse is located within the Garden Spot Community Retirement Center in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Operational in 2016, the 4,600-square foot aeroponic greenhouse provides a large variety of fresh vegetables and herbs for the retirement community’s dining rooms and restaurants at much less cost than purchasing it on the market. The greenhouse facility was designed by AERO Development Corp. located in Gap, PA.


By Elvin McDonald


As you work at your potting bench this month, pause to catch the fragrance of freesias, paper whites, and those first hyacinths, you will know that a greenhouse is one of life’s pleasures. January in

my greenhouse brings the discovery of still more buds pushing up from amaryllis that bloomed in

November, a pot of gold when crocus ‘Canary Bird’ blooms, and the unmatched beauty of a rose bud reaching skyward.

By Tom Eckert

This time of the year normally brings an abundance of seed catalogs especially if you purchased seeds from one company in the past. Why are these companies

sending me catalogs? The simple answer is that most companies, including seed companies, sell their customer information to other companies for a

profit. Seed companies are no different from other companies looking to gain your attention and hopefully

becoming a new customer.


By Steve Aegerter, CO

Hardening off refers to the process of acclimating plants that have begun life indoors to the outdoors. Because plants usually are grown in greenhouses,

hot houses or basements under fluorescents or on a kitchen window ledge, they’ve been fairly well pampered. They need to be introduced slowly to the

usual garden elements of wind, sun and temperature fluctuations.



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