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We've had inquiries regarding useful equipment.  Feel free to share your comments here with any info you may have on equipment you like ... or don't!   Most recently there was a question about Soil Ph Meters - what models are worth considering,  where to buy, are they reliable, etc.

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    Tom Eckert (Friday, 13 November 2015 08:13)

    I receive questions about PH Meters and what to purchase. I recommend staying away from those low cost $20 to $30 dollar meters. They do work somewhat but they wear out quickly, the switches are especially a problem. I recommend one of the higher priced units from Dosatron, 1-800-523-8499 The price is $80.00 from the company. I purchased one and I am happy with it. I will put an article about it in the Mid-Fall HGA Newsletter.

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    Scott Rifkin (Sunday, 27 December 2015 00:12)

    I am planning a new greenhouse. I would prefer glass glazing. I am looking at various type of glass and shades. I want to grow vegetables all winter. Assuming I can achieve cooling, what optimally should I choose? I'm tending toward low e 272 with no shading. Thoughts?

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    Tom Eckert (Tuesday, 29 December 2015 09:04)

    Glass glazing is of course the best. Choosing which glass is dependent on the check book. The "low-e glass is the upper end of insulated glass which at this time includes Low-E 180, Low -E 272 and Low -E 366. Also added to the equation is weather the glass panels are filled with "air" or "argon gas". Cardinal Glass Industries web site does have a nice comparison chart which should help.

    You did not say where you are located. Location is everything for winter veggie growing. You will need maximum sunlight in the low light levels of winter or you may have to add lighting, another big area for review. In the summer months you will definitely need some shading. In addition to winter heating and summer cooling, plan for plenty of air movement in the greenhouse. Vegetables as many greenhouse plants attract many insects. Spider mites, aphids, white fly and thrips are among the most found in the greenhouse. The warm moist air is a very good breeding ground for pests.

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